Website Hosting Terms and Conditions

Website Hosting Terms and  Conditions 


The following agree is between the two following parties:

    • The Client represents the owner of the website being hosted.
    • The Company represents the company providing the hosting service, in this case Upoh Web and Graphics.

Terms and Conditions

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Company will provide Web Hosting services for Client subject to the following terms:

  1. Length of service.

The Client agrees to an initial service of twelve (12) months.

2.   Service start date

The service start date shall be arranged between the Client and the Company and upon this date the first payment shall be due. This payment will include the agreed hosting fee and any other costs incurred including Website development and or domain name service.

3.  Service Renewal

The service shall automatically renew to a further twelve (12) months at the end of the pervious twelve (12) month term. Should the Client not wish to carry on the service, then they will inform the Company in writing at least thirty (30) days before the next twelve (12) month term is due to start.

The Company shall inform the Client at least thirty (30) days before the current term is due to end and the next to begin. The Company shall inform the Client of any changes to the terms of this agreement and or any changes relating to the cost of the service. Should there be no changes to either of these and the client wish to carry on then this agreement will automatically be accepted without the Client signing it or viewing it again. This agreement will made available should the Client wish to view it during anytime the service is active.

4.  Service Cancelation

The service maybe cancelled by the Client at any point that a term is active (any point within the twelve (12) month period). This must completed in written form and be delivered to the Company at lest 30 days in advance of a cancellation date.

The cancellation date must be the first day of the month otherwise the date will roll over to the next month. For example, should the Client want to cancel on the 10th May then the service will be terminated on the 1st June and the Client will be charged up to this point.

Should any part of the terms or this agreement be broken by the client, then the Company has the right to termite this agreement and the service at any point without prior notice to the Client .

5. The Service

The Company shall provide the following service and service elements:

  • A website hosting package which allows external users to access the Client’s website.
  • A email service to which allows the Client to have custom emails of they’re choosing which includes domain name elements.
  • A regular back-up of the website should any error or other complication occur during the term of service.
  • Regular maintenance of the site on request of the Client, should a critical issue appear the Company shall act within the interest of the Client complete any work needed, this may cause the site to come “offline”. Should the website require upgrades which will cause it to become “offline”, then an agreed time and date will be made between the Client and the Company for the work to be completed.
  • Making sure that external users have access to the site 24/7 without any down time. Should the website go down without warning or valid reason then the Company shall refund the Client an agreed amount due to any losses incurred.
  • The Company shall inform the Client of any optional extras which are available to upgrade there website hosting, extra costs maybe incurred should the Client wish to move forward with these extras, this will include the Analytics service which allows the Client to find out information about visitors to the website.
  • The Company shall provide support through the means of email and telephone support should the Client need it. The support is available anytime durning the contract Term.

6. Payment

The Client will pay the agreed amount of £___________ per month for the above elements outlined in section 5. This amount will be paid through an agreed method either via cash, direct debt or other card base method. The amount will be passed from the Client to the Company on the 2nd of the month. This is to allow for elements in section 4 to be acted upon, an invoice will be sent out and the end of each month, this invoice will be emailed from the Company to the Client.

Should payment not be made for one (1) month, the amount will be added onto the next month’s, with this, communication will be made to inform the Client that they have missed the month’s payment and that it has been added onto the next month’s. Should two (2) months payment be missed then the Client’s website will be taken down. Communication to the Client will be made informing the Client of the situation, the Client will then have thirty (30) days to make the missed payments, failure to do so will mean this agreement is terminated.

Should the outstanding payment not be paid the payment is liable for interest after the thirty (30) days has passed, this is in conjunction with Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. The interest added will be 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business transactions. Should payment still not be made then further action may be taken. This action will be communicated to the Client by the Company.

7. Censorship

The Company cannot be held responsible for any content that is available on the website, the Company are not liable for checking the information or content on the website and that should the website break any laws, then the Company cannot be held liable. Should the website breach any laws, then the Company has the right to remove the website and terminate this agreement without notice to the Client.

8. Contact

The Company will be contactable any time and will respond to the Client in an acceptable about of time, should this not be the case then the Client will receive any reduce rate.