Whats the best way to capture life in the moment? Video. We believe it’s important to capture every moment as it happens. That’s why we aim to capture your event in the best way possible and not only do we film it but also we can edit, burn to DVD and create your ideal DVD case cover as well. Sound interesting, please contact us via the Contact Form for more information.

The Process...

Right from the off we are involved in making sure everything fits just right. Whether you have the video or you need us to film it for you we will help make sure you have all the right moments captured.  

Once captured, we will then edit your video together piece by piece. You choose the clips or let us decide how they should fit, we can then add traditions, text, images, titles and that all important piece of music and yes we do have music that is copyright free. 

Once complete, we then send the video back to be reviewed by you, no matter how many changes you want to make we will keep going back until we have the final product that you are happy with. 

Sharing is caring and we want to make sure you can do just that, so whether you want the video putting onto a DVD or uploading to your favourite social media site, we will do all the hard work, all you have to do is tell your friends and family. 


Some say the proof is in the pudding, well here’s our reply to that. Here is a list of clients that we have created amazing videos for and who will be happy to give us a quick recommendation.

A selection of our best...